Authors & Affiliations

Lomakov G.B.1, Nikolaev M.N.1, Filippov V.V.2
1A.I. Leypunsky Institute for Physics and Power, Obninsk, Russia
2Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering (IATE MEPHI), Obninsk, Russia


Experiments on measurements of a transmission neutron function in fast energy region for wide set of elements were conducted in 1960s (IPPE, Russia). Transmission’s function is included in the transport of neutrons equation and it used in all modern calculated codes. Thus obtaining a real component of this equation allows increase reliability of nuclear data used in calculations. In this work described experimental facilities, physics of experiment and are presented formulas for calculating transmission function and its uncertainty. The paper is an introductory part for next series of papers with evaluation of measured transmission function. In this series of works were evaluated uncertainty of measured values, were identified deviations from correct course of transmission function curve, was evaluated background flux, were determined energy bounds, spectrum of neutrons and average total cross section. Evaluated results were compared with calculated using nuclear data libraries.

experiment, transmission neutron function, resonance region, evaluation of experimental data, libraries of nuclear data, calculations

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UDC 539.17.013

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants, 2016, issue 1, 1:12