Authors & Affiliations

Buchenau D.1, Eckert S.1, Gerbeth G.1, Lenk S.3, Priede J.2
1Helmholtz-Zentrum, Dresden, Germany
2Applied Mathematics Research Centre, Coventry University, Coventry, UK
3Systemanalyse & Automatisierungsservice GmbH, Bannewitz, Germany


Contactless flow meter was developed for heavy liquid metals. It is based on transmitting alternating current voltage over a transformer with a large head gap. The measuring signal is generated by the phase shift of two sinusoidal voltages. The geometry of the applied magnetic field in proportion to the selected pipe cross section has a significant impact on the sensitivity of the measuring device. Studies were conducted to find measurement uncertainties due to temperature influence. Commercialized measuring device is available.

heavy liquid metal, flow meters, contactless sensor, phase shift, sensitivity, measurement uncertainties

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UDC 621.039

Problems of Atomic Science and Technology. Series: Nuclear and Reactor Constants, 2016, issue 1, 1:10